A Deal With God, The Power of One

A Unique Love Story by Michael Haden

"You hate it when you find a book this good and then it has to end. A

  Deal With God is a quick and easy read, just the way I like the books I

  get. Very Inpirational!" Bill Kinison

                                              Preacher, Author, and former Manager of the Late Great Sam Kinison


Stop Drunk Driving

Michael Haden’s Message:

I believe it’s about time we stopped to take a look at ourselves.  People drink to excess and then once drunk get behind the wheel and drive.   There is neither need nor any excuse for this and it’s my mission to make people aware of the potential effects of driving under the influence of alcohol so people can avoid this.    My goal is to get people to think and plan in advance when they are going to be drinking.  Use of a designated driver, cabs, free transportation, or planning to stay the night where you are drinking are just a few of the tools I want people to use instead of getting behind the wheel and driving drunk.

Deana Murphy was a young girl with her life ahead of her. She was bright, intelligent, caring, loving and a role-model to many troubled youths. She was a girl who could have been described as angelic. She is now dead.

She was killed by a normal person just like you or me but who drove drunk and is now a murderer.    Her murderer drank to excess and jumped behind the wheel to drive home. Had he planned ahead he could have safely gotten home without becoming a murderer which in turn destroyed Deana, Deana’s loved ones, and even his own life and his family. What happened to Deana, her loved ones, and the other people involved is happening to people all over our country. When will we stop this senseless tragedy?

The loss of Deana was a devastating wake up call for me.  I look at the hundreds of other young women I have coached and can’t bear the thought of losing any of them the way we lost Deana.  I have decided to help lead the way in a battle that has been raging for many years.  I want to see an end to these senseless deaths and I want people to understand the damage they can potentially do to our society by drinking and driving.  

My book “A Deal with God” is not simply a fiction novel. It is a conclusion or an ending so to speak. It tells Deana’s life as it could have played out had she not been killed. It is a story that I want to live on because Deana did not. She would have reached great heights and she would have helped many others, had she lived.

I want you to read this book and think carefully about people you may have lost to drunk driving. I want you to think about any chances you may have taken with alcohol and I want you to help me spread the word of Deana and help our battle against drunk driving. We can only end this war if we work together to change peoples’ mind-sets.  I want them to make better decisions before they drink to save lives when they drink.