A Deal With God, The Power of One

A Unique Love Story by Michael Haden

"You hate it when you find a book this good and then it has to end. A

  Deal With God is a quick and easy read, just the way I like the books I

  get. Very Inpirational!" Bill Kinison

                                              Preacher, Author, and former Manager of the Late Great Sam Kinison


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"You hate it when you find a book this good and then it has to end. A Deal With God is a quick and easy read, just the way I like the books I get. Very Inpirational!" Bill Kinison: Preacher, Author, and former Manager of the Late Great Sam Kinison



Professional Reviews:

A Highly Recommended Read

9.9 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews

"Entertaining, sweet and romantic this book will delight the reader and is a fun, fast-paced read. You'll not want to put this book down once you begin, so get comfortable. Author Michael Haden's writing style is captivating and engaging, one chapter at time.

A highly-recommend, quality book that is well-written, engaging, romantic and encouraging with a surprising twist ending that delivers an unforgettable journey of the human spirit while promoting commitment to faith, family and love revealing that inner strength and healing is available, even in the face of insurmountable obstacles."

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Reader Reviews:

From D. Masters: 5 of 5 Stars - Great Book! Well Written Inspiring Story For All Audiences

"I really loved the book A Deal With God. The main character Deana was absolutely amazing. I was very inspired and greatly moved by her faith. In the beginning of the book she perishes at the hands of a drunk driver and is extremely upset about losing a life she worked very hard to create. She tells God during her passing she will do anything if he agrees to not take her at that particular time. She has a great zest for life and pleads to be allowed to continue living it. God hears her prayers and pleas and agrees to "send her back with strict parameters".

At first God's request from her does not seem that difficult and in the predicament Deana was in she probably would have agreed to anything. As the book progresses you begin to see the sacrifices she really is making to fulfill God's request. The element of the story line that was most fascinating was God's requirement of Deana to marry "the man of His choosing". At first I was very unimpressed with the Leon character and felt horrible this would be the man Deana would be stuck marrying. However, as the Deana and Leon character interact throughout the book you begin to realize God is a very good matchmaker.

The strength, I feel, of author Michael Haden is his development of the many characters he introduces to us in this book. Even though this is a fiction book his characters seem so real. At the end of the book, I was openly rooting for the main character Deana almost as if I were at a football game. I absolutely loved the book, especially the ending.

I'd also like to say that this book transcends the religious implications of the title and that I feel people of all faiths and spiritualities would really enjoy this book. "

P.S. This book makes an excellent gift... for anyone, for any occasion.  I gave it to 4 people last Christmas as Christmas Gifts and it went over great.  3 of them told me it was the best Christmas gift of the year, and one of them is giving it to their Mom as a Christmas gift this year.

From Fula: 5 of 5 Stars - A must read for you kids that are about to start driving

"A Deal With God was one of the most amazing and inspirational books I have ever read."

From Joe Bookman: 5 of 5 Stars - A Real Page Turner

"Author Michael Haden has penned a real page turner. Anyone who has had a near death experience or a scare in their life can relate to the main character in his book "A Deal With God." What would you do to get your life back, even if it was for just a few more years? What would you be willing to accept as terms of your deal with God? Haden evokes a range of emotions as he projects how one person handled such a situation with God in her heart and romance in the air.

The story was inspired by five young women's lives and their true, real life experiences, which makes this book that much more difficult to put down."

Leigh Brown: 5 of 5 Stars - Beautiful Story

"This is a beautiful, touching story about an extraordinary woman who changes her fate and then changes the lives of those around her. The characters are so well developed that by the end of the story you feel like you know them personally."

From Kathleen Mitchell: 5 of 5 Stars - Michael Haden has created a refreshingly original concept in this inspirational book.

Although the plot of the uplifting story is fictional, he has introduced characters that are as real as the people we know as he draws us into their intriguing lives.

His main character, Deana, is a young Christian woman who, through no fault of her own, has suffered a troubled youth. She never gave up, however, and learned from her life experiences, both good and bad in her determination to become the best that she could be. Her incomparable character has not gone unnoticed by God, who personally chooses her to fulfill a plan of His own device.

Through prayer, total faith in God, and most importantly faith in herself as well, she proceeds to achieve her preordained destiny and so much more.

In so doing, this outstanding individual provides second chances not only for herself, but also for the beautiful family to whom she was entrusted. She also served as a positive influence to the many other people whose lives she touched as she gratefully and enthusiastically accepted God request to her.

I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging page-turner.

Pre-Release Comments:

A limited number of people have received a pre-released sample of the book in progress.

Here's what they are saying so far:

"I love the book, I couldn't put it down.  I can't wait to read the rest when it comes out... so far it is one of my favorites."

"I love the way she (Deana) included her three adopted boys into her wedding ceremony via the unity sands ceremony."

"I'm the father of three girls who play soccer, I liked how realistic the soccer stories are in the book and my daughters could really relate to the main character."

"I am learning the guitar and am surprised at how much I learned about music from Deana's experiences playing the guitar and singing in church."

"One of my favorite TV shows is '24'. Deana reminds me of a female Jack Bauer. She really kicks but!"

"I'm a waitress and its really cool to read a book that realistically depicts real waitressing."


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