A Deal With God, The Power of One

A Unique Love Story by Michael Haden

"You hate it when you find a book this good and then it has to end. A

  Deal With God is a quick and easy read, just the way I like the books I

  get. Very Inpirational!" Bill Kinison

                                              Preacher, Author, and former Manager of the Late Great Sam Kinison


Press Release Dec. 2011

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A Young Tampa Native’s Death

December Is: “Buzzed” Drunk/Drug Driving Prevention Month

Author of A Deal With God The Power of One Inspirational Love StoryTampaFl., December 1, 2011:The conversation among the recent college grads revolved around what might have been. Their close friend – a Tampa native – was popular. She was bright, athletic and beautiful. One evening six years ago, while driving home from her summer job in North Tampa, she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. The young woman’s name will be withheld in this press release at her parent’s request.

Dean Polizzi remembers that tragic night like it was yesterday. Their families were close. She was his daughter’s best friend, and his best friend’s daughter. They shared sleep-overs and family picnics. Dean was her soccer coach for years. Now he is speaking out during National Drunk/Drug Driving Prevention Month so that these senseless preventable deaths can be avoided this holiday season.

All the parties and holiday cheer has made December one of the deadliest times of the year on the highway – avoidable deaths spikes dramatically. Drunk/Drug or ‘buzzed’ driving will impact one in three people in Tampa Bay in their lifetime. Polizzi will share with your audience simple tips anyone can use to prevent someone who has been drinking/drugging from getting behind the wheel. These are highly effective, tried and true methods that can save lives this holiday season.

A Deal With God The Power of One Inspirational Love StoryDean Polizzi is a Tampa Bay business man, girl’s soccer coach and author of the newly released novel: “A Deal With God,” under the nom de plume of Michael Haden. The book is loosely wrapped around the exceptional young woman described in this release. In it, the author projects all the good she might have accomplished had she not met such a tragic end to her short life. The book has received several 5 star reviews and is available on Amazon.

Polizzi has appeared on several radio shows and is media savvy. He is available for interviews both in-studio and by phone. For more information or to book an interview, please contact Omni Publicity, Joe Ullrich at 813-944-3024 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.